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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More Magic of Incandescent Light Bulbs...

Update August 30

source  yladda

As a fitting continuation of the last post on the "magic" of incandescent type bulbs, illustrated by the Uncle Fester magically lit bulb, lo and behold the closing ceremony of the London Olympics on Sunday bringing up something similar:
Attendants dressed up rather like Government officials with bowler hats, and light bulbs on top.

source  eurosport

Somewhat ironically, given that British Government officials who enthusiastically support a ban on them were themselves looking on, the light bulbs were as seen aesthetically in the form of simple regular incandescents, rather than looking like squiggly fluorescents or new LEDs (though no doubt with a relatively dim LED inside ;-) ).

General availability of such hats unknown...
though they are being sold on eBay with the costumes ... starting bid £200.00.

Update Aug 30: As seen from the above link several more suits now being sold.
Also just the bowler hats with bulbs ...still costing three-figure sums!

For anyone getting a taste for the bowler hat theme... ;-)
(both below from Scraphacker.com)

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the paris apartment said...

I love your take on that! Of course i noticed tht too but didn't realize they were mocking government officials!

Halogenica said...

Haha, yes I saw those! Very creative.

Overall, I was very impressed with the spectacular lighting at the OS final (which was the only part I watched). That's what LEDs do best.

Lighthouse said...

Thanks Paris Apartment, yes whatever the reason if any, it was a bit ironic!

Lighthouse said...

Halogenica yes both opening and closing ceremonies good in that way... I think I enjoyed them most too! LEDs kind of 'made' for sheet or panel or screen lighting, so good in a stadium... if not always at home ;-)