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Monday, August 27, 2012

Whatever You Can, We Can Too

As they commented in the last post, feeling that their idea had been copied, it turns out that what "Kultur Reserve" cans...

"Licht Konserve" cans too...

They also sell canned Halogens and other products alongside, as seen here.

Also, promotion with online sales at plentino.de, with sales also via cardanlight.com, gebrauchlicht.de and maybe via other sites...

Sales brochure (pdf) here.

Walsroder newspaper article 19.12.2011 by E. Lindemann, as in the press section of Lichtkonserve.de, Google translation modified a bit to make some sense...

Light out of the Tin Can

A rebel from Schwarmstedt conserves light bulbs and sells his own lighting systems.

"I've always plotted my own lighting," says Bernhard Stich. As a trained electrician he was active for many years as a buyer of commercial electric lighting. Cable systems with halogen lights especially excited Herr Strich - but less so the prices.
"So I just built himself such a system," he says. Immediately there was demand from friends and acquaintances - the cornerstone of his company Halogenkauf Lightech was laid. The then 30 year old electrician designed his own home lighting systems, his wife mounted them while watching television, and the sale went through a newspaper ad.

"I have made my hobby into a career," he says. A milestone in the company's history was Expo 2000 in Hanover. "We fitted out about 120 gift shops on the Expo site with lighting systems," the lighting expert recalls. He is also a renowned expert in the lighting of retail stores. A specialty of the company are the furniture stores, for which the company has developed flexible systems.

Bernhard Stich started off with a designer store for lights in Hanover. "I grew into it the last 30 years out of that," says the 53-year-old. Step by step it grew into his current construction company.

The parts for his own lamps Stich initially had manufactured in Germany.

The contact with a Chinese man whom he had met at a trade show finally led to Halogenkauf Lightech being manufactured in China. Several times a year CEO Stich now flies to China and negotiates with producers. If space remains in the shipped containers, then it can happen that a popcorn machine or bamboo flooring also come to Germany and are sold in one of six online stores of the entrepreneur.

Still, Bernhard Stich remains a man of lighting. And that's why he could not just accept the ban on incandescents. His resistance he now does with a witty marketing concept: His firm has unceremoniously packed 60-watt bulbs into tin cans and now sells them as canned light. Already, the cans are to be had via his online business. Of course, Stitch has also secured its own website: www.lichtkonserve.de. Soon, the cans should also be available at gas / petrol stations, hardware stores and other shops.

Licht Konserve do seem to have started later, whether independently or not.
The point about mentioning them here is that they still seem to be selling the cans, with various offers, for anyone interested.
Maybe, as is often the case, the commercially based venture with more legal resources than the artistic based venture?
Or do authorities choose to bully those who can't fight back?!

Remember the Heatball sellers difficulty with the authorities too.
A serendipidity event is that by chance they just communicated that they have also given up the legal battle with Heatball and are now presenting remaining bulbs for posterity... yes, as "Kultur Reserve" :-)   Albeit probably not canned.
Maybe another follow up post, then...


American Freedom said...

Can we stop the ban?
Yes we can.

Anonymous said...

Great title! Very witty

jahnkedesign — interdisziplinäres büro für gestaltung said...

lichtkonserve hat die kultur reserve »das kleinste birnendenkmal europas — die antwort auf die faulen früchte der eurokratie« schamlos kopiert — schande!!!