If energy needs to be saved, there are good ways to do it.
                                                               Government product regulation is not one of them

Resource Links

Sites that are more-or-less altered over time, such as blogs.

Save the Bulb   savethebulb.org
Originally got me on to this.
I had in my innocence thought the bulbs were going to be banned for some usage safety reason.
Lighting Director Kevan had and still has good background documentation, apart from the blog - the Greenpeace sponsored investigation by Klaus Stanjek into the fluorescent bulbs, that did not give the "required" result, is a classic. And don't miss the CFL autopsy!
Kevan's own blog has more posts of lighting interest.

Green Washing Lamps   greenwashinglamps.wordpress.com
Swedish Halogenica's well researched and referenced blog, including good statistics on energy usage. Also shows up the poor EU FAQ defence of the ban. Well organized link categories as well.

Light Bulb Choice   lightbulbchoice.com
Trishah Dee Woolley's USA site, again extensive, including videos,  forum, petition information as well as blog with news and useful links. Particular coverage of light/radiation sensitivity issues.

Howard Brandston   concerninglight.com
Well known American lighting designer and activist against the regulations, Howard has also appeared in several Congress hearings as a specialist on the issue.
The commentary section is a good resource with documentation and references. Includes details about his book and articles.

Rik Gheysens   users.skynet.be/fc298377
Good bilingual (Dutch version) website with plenty of documentation, particularly on fluorescent lighting and problems.
Includes an excellent extensive EU Q and A section, with questions put by EU MPs to the Commission also on the light bulb ban in general, and the answers they have got.

Send Your Light Bulbs to Washington sendyourlightbulbstowashington.wordpress.com
Send Your Light Bulbs to Washington sylbtw.org
[Sylbtw.org is a hosted wordpress version, allowing more features]
As it says on the tin...inviting readers to send their less than long lived CFL (and LED) replacement bulbs to the legislating politicians!
Along with (mainly) CFL issues, the blog also covers why it is wrong to push people to stop using incandescents.

Stopping at the Green Light   stoppingatthegreenlight.wordpress.com
New York interior designer and boutique owner Claudia's site highlighting the problems with the fluorescent light bulbs that are pushed as the alternative to incandescents (as also seen in the EU, and in all the worldwide CFL replacement programs). CFLs of course their advantages too, but that does not having to ban the incandescent alternatives. Good article links.

PLDA Green Pages   greenpages.pld-a.org
Kevan's friends at the Professional Lighting Designers Association with a blog also covering interesting and unusual cultural lighting aspects.

Light Bulb Group on Facebook   facebook.com/groups/bulballiance
International group with writers, lighting designers, researchers, film-makers, politicians and others interested in the incandescent light bulb issue.
For better communication across borders about what is happening.
Bilingual English and German.

In German

There are many reasons (http://ceolas.net/#li11x) why in Europe the main light bulb ban resistance is in Northern Europe.
As German is then the main communication language apart from English, unsurprisingly there are many good resources in that language, that non-speakers also can make use of with translation technology - after all, poor grammar still gets the message across, especially with such a "visual" topic, with many illustrations, graphs etc, as on the sites mentioned here.

Argumente für die Glühbirne   gluehbirne.ist.org
Arguments for simple regular bulbs, the incandescents.
In German (online translated version), updated on world developments with a European focus, and full of resource links and plenty of images, as might be expected from Vienna photographer Peter! Good LED section too, LED as false Carrot article.

PRO Glühlampe   pro-gluehlampe.de
For incandescent light bulbs.
Another good German language website (online translated version), by Munich lighting designer Peter, with background information, papers, and articles in a for and against lineup.
Good forum too.

Das Glühbirnenverbot   gluehbirnenverbot.com
About the light bulb ban
Also useful, with more information than it might first appear (online translated version).
Again a forum section too.

Ja zur Glühlampe   Lichtbiologie.de/page9/page9.html
Yes to incandescent bulbs.
Also good, by Heidelberg doctor Alexander Wunsch, specialist in the biological effects of lighting, (online translated version).
In particular, see the power point presentation pdf (1.2 MB), can be copy pasted for translation. Same as interactive .mov (c.6 MB)

Some websites, articles, documents of interest, that may not change much.
However, they will normally be linked in the blog posts as appropriate.

Heat Balls   heatball.de/en
As covered in a blog post, German engineers Siegfried and Rudolf and their supporters bravely fighting the EU bureaucracy in launching incandescents as heat balls, neatly turning round the "95% heat waste" argument.

Bulb Fiction   bulbfiction-derfilm.com
In German (translated version), an Austrian film by Christoph and Moritz about the false arguments behind EU regulations, again the basis for wider resistance, with many linked documents and resources (that also get translated from the above link, just by clicking on them).

Not principally related to light bulbs, but nevertheless of interest.

Permaculture Community Forum   permies.com/forums, linked to light bulb posts
Good posts on CFL problems and other regulation issues - and that's coming from an avowed
green and sustainability practicing Montana software engineer turned farmer, Paul Wheaton, and other environmentalists!
CFL article, well linked with videos etc. And don't miss Mr Stinkypants Cartoon (youtube video) on how manufacturers profit from the ban!

Michael Patrick Leahy   michaelpatrickleahy.blogspot.com, linked to light bulb search
Michael Patrick is author of the I, Light Bulb book against light bulb regulations, that I reviewed.
As seen, he sometimes also covers light bulb matters on his blog, and has admirably taken matters into his own hands, launching a rough service bulb that "beats the ban"!
His website is here.