If energy needs to be saved, there are good ways to do it.
                                                               Government product regulation is not one of them

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Letting the Glow Flow: Lanternland

Given the recent posts on the magic of incandescents, and the "human angle" as covered in the light bulb hoarding documentary from Australia:
There are also a lot of related small enthusiastic businesses out there, family owned, and likely to be affected negatively by the light bulb regulations pushed through by Governments with the happy co-operation of profit-seeking major corporations.

As it happens, recently came across the Lanternland business in Mesa, Arizona.
From the about us page:

Hi. I’m Andrew Medway co-founder of Lanternland.

In 1979 my parents, Ronna and Sheldon Nitzky, opened Design Lighting Products, and started manufacturing hand crafted lighting near Phoenix, Arizona. Beginning with just two part time employees and eventually growing to more than 130 full time employees, they manufactured the highest quality American made lighting for more than 30 years. After selling 2nd Ave Design in 2009 Ronna and Sheldon put their passion for lighting and design to work in their newest venture, Pentimento Lighting & Furnishings in Mesa, Arizona.

In 1997, after becoming a single father with a two year old son, I made the decision to start my own online business to have the flexibility to spend more time caring for my son.

In 2011, having achieved success with own online ventures, I was asked by Ronna and Sheldon to put my online experience to work creating a website to showcase the lanterns currently being manufactured in their Arizona factory. After seeing the lanterns and realizing that these are some of the most beautiful and the highest quality lanterns being made in America today, I made the decision to join Ronna and Sheldon in co-founding Lanternland.

Andrew also has informative and enjoyable blog and facebook page, about lighting and other issues.

A few examples of Lanternland products ... from a very large collection:

To be continued shortly with a post about carbon filament maker Bob Kyp and his company, of whom a documentary was just launched, August 16, in Chicago.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad these kind of folks are still around. Definitely not the same lanterns with energy-savers inside them!
If they should be called energy-savers.