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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Missouri Bill Committee News Update

Another post on this the next day, Wednesday April 11th, with more information.

The Missouri bill was favorably passed out of the House Small Business Committee on April 4th.
It now moves on to House Rules, and then hopefully the House floor.
Many thanks to Committee Vice Chairman Noel Torpey for this information.

Committee reports can be seen here

HB 1146 (LR# 4327L.01I)
Voted Do Pass (H)

10 American local state light bulb freedom bills, updates (legislated Texas, June 2011):

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Previous post 13 February 2012 announced the first committee meeting.
The initial post 24 January copied below.

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Just learned that Missouri local state Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger and Bart Korman have also, January 4, launched a bill 1146, that "Specifies that the intrastate manufacturing of certain incandescent lightbulbs is not subject to federal law or regulation".
The bill has on January 19 been referred to the House Small Business Committee.

Missouri also had an earlier bill (2468) in 2010 with Cynthia Davis as chief sponsor, that stalled.


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