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                                                               Government product regulation is not one of them

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ausgebrannt - Vom Ende der Glühbirne
Burned Out - The End of the Incandescent

German critical TV documentary about the light bulb ban
45 minutes to be broadcast on Thursday 19 April
(in German - but the visuals make much of the criticism of the ban clear enough, including of the replacement lighting like the main ones offered and pushed, the fluorescent bulbs or CFLs)

Link to video here
or click on image

German and Austrian criticism has been dominant in the otherwise acquiescent European Union,
as also covered in
The Politics behind Banning Light Bulbs and the EU Light Bulb Ban Story on the Ceolas.net site.

Thank you to Rudolf Hannot and Siegfried Rotthäuser of Heatball (heatball.de) for the information:
The Heatball concept has been covered several times on this blog, the last and most comprehensive post at time of writing being here.


the paris apartment said...

You're doing a great job on reporting the latest info on this! Thank you for your work!

Lighthouse said...

Thanks Claudia!
Also for your own blog on the subject, Stopping at the Green Light - and the many useful links on it.

Anonymous said...

UK also many protests against ban by newspapers and citizens and activist organisations though not by politicians of major parties... only UKIP