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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Missouri Freedom Bill passes in Committee


The Missouri light bulb bill was favorably passed in the House Small Business Committee on April 4th.
It now moves on to the Joint House and Senate Rules Committee, then hopefully to the House floor.
Many thanks to Committee Vice Chairman Noel Torpey for this information.

Small Business Committee reports can be seen here

HB 1146 (LR# 4327L.01I)
Voted Do Pass (H)

>> to Joint Rules Committee
Currently without any assigned bills listed, assuming that page gets updated.


(f)Review of Bills Reported from Regular or Special Standing Committees

1. Whenever a committee reports a bill with a recommendation that it "Do Pass" or "Without Recommendation" , the bill shall stand automatically referred to the Committee on Rules. The Committee on Rules is hereby authorized to:
a. Report the bill "Do Pass" to the House without a limitation on time of debate on the bill or amendments.
b. Report the bill "Do Pass" to the House with a limitation on the time of debate.
c. Send the bill back to the originating committee.
When the Committee on Rules sends the bill back to the originating committee, that committee may amend the bill and report the bill again without the need to reconsider the initial vote by which the committee voted the bill "Do Pass".

Also, there is a big 2 to 1 Republican majority from the last 2010 elections (as it now stands, with 106 Republicans, 56 Democrats, 1 Independent). Next elections for all seats November 2012.
So presumably any House vote would be favourable to the bill, also given the proximity of elections, which might sharpen attitudes.

[As an aside curiosa, according to Wikipedia,
"Missouri's house (with 163 members), is the fourth largest in the United States although the state ranks 18th in population. Legislation was introduced in 2011 to cut its size to 103 in 2020. Bigger legislatures in the United States are New Hampshire (400), Pennsylvania (203) and Georgia (180)...
In 1992 Missouri approved a constitutional amendment providing term limits (previously there were no limits). No Representative may serve more than eight years in the House"]

American light bulb freedom bills from 10 states, updates (legislated Texas, June 2011):

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Previous post 13 February 2012 announced the first committee meeting.
The initial post 24 January copied below.

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Just learned that Missouri local state Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger and Bart Korman have also, January 4, launched a bill 1146, that "Specifies that the intrastate manufacturing of certain incandescent lightbulbs is not subject to federal law or regulation".
The bill has on January 19 been referred to the House Small Business Committee.

Missouri also had an earlier bill (2468) in 2010 with Cynthia Davis as chief sponsor, that stalled.


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