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Monday, December 5, 2011

Screwing the EU with a Condom...

Also see the more recent December blog post for someone else's witty take on this.

An earlier post described how some canny Germans were trying to get round the EU light bulb ban, by marketing incandescent light bulbs as "Heat Balls",
making use of their 90% energy consumption being converted to heat
(a much repeated fact by the pro-ban brigade, who carefully avoid saying that CFLs release 80% of their energy consumption as heat, LEDs 70%, and that their heat is internalized, giving a recognized fire risk with CFLs).

Well, German inventiveness has not stopped there....
Even before the EU ban ("phase out") started in 2009,
the well known Munich and New York based lighting designer Ingo Maurer, who has featured in many exhibitions, craftily designed a light bulb condom...

The reason for it is that even the EU Commission managed to over-do themselves in their customary nit-picking,
by banning the manufacture and import of all frosted incandescent light bulbs, Halogen or not, with immediate effect in September 2009.

Their justification was not to save energy:
There is either minute or no difference in savings between clear and frosted bulbs.
It was simply, as they have publicly stated, that they considered that those who wanted frosted (opaque) bulbs could simply choose the CFLs.
Needless to say, the frosted bulbs were the most popular type of bulb in Europe, and the ban-lobbying CFL light bulb manufacturers and distributors had nothing at all to do with this decision... :-)

Old blog coverage on Gizmodo

Ingo Maurers website: http://www.ingo-maurer.com/


danny said...

the things you come up with, peter!

Anonymous said...

They were selling them in his New York store for 8 bucks or so in 2010!
Not sure if still available
Not needed in US think -yet!
JP Ryan