If energy needs to be saved, there are good ways to do it.
                                                               Government product regulation is not one of them

Friday, December 2, 2011

"Acute Crisis" of Dumped CFLs:
Swedish Environment Minister

Old CFLs are not being collected for recycling?
Hardly surprising - and nothing new, you might say.

But even government politicians are waking up to the fact!

In a series of articles over the past week,
the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet has uncovered the large scale ongoing dumping of fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), and the dangers of released mercury that goes with it.

One article reports on the "acute crisis" commenting by the environment minister Lena Ek, another article on how Mina Gillberg, former advisor to EU environment commmisioner Margot Wallström at the time of the EU launching a CFL switchover policy, is now regretting the consequences of the decision.

A good more detailed review by Kevan at SaveTheBulb.org

Also covering this news, in English:
Greenwashing Lamps, including linked past statistics

If environmentally conscious, environmentally lauded Sweden is having "a crisis",
a country with dutiful citizens who normally with great diligence recycle all kinds of products in well organized community and government programs (I have lived there)
-- then what is happening in more populous less organized countries?

Don't worry, Superman to the rescue :-)

Roll on, universal light bulb regulation...


Anonymous said...

USA collection rate supposed to be 2%
5 billion incandescent light bulbs in American homes of the type to be banned
Do the math...

Lighthouse said...

Trying not to...

Newton Almeida said...

Jag gillade för att veta dess arbete!
Brasilianen har vi mycket som ska läras med dess land!
Newton Almeida - MILJÖ AV Rio de Janeiro

Lighthouse said...

Yes Newton..
Good initiative that Rio clean-up!