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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Canada Delay to 2014 - It's Official

The stated reason by the Canadian government for the delay

"Delaying the date for compliance with Canada’s efficiency standards for general service lighting for 100/75/60/40W light bulbs (general service lamps) is required in order to strengthen communication activities, to allow for technological innovations and to consider the concerns expressed about the availability of compliant technologies and perceived health and mercury issues, including safe disposal for compact fluorescent lamps"

...and somewhat ironically the "safe disposal for compact fluorescent lamps"
is now of increasing concern in post-ban EU, as covered in this post about the "acute crisis" statement of the Swedish environment minister.

The British Columbia Government seems to be halting any further implementation of the already existing ban in that state.
See the post
( http://freedomlightbulb.blogspot.com/2011/12/local-bc-ban-in-canada-on-hold.html )


The Canadian Government have updated their websites regarding the delay to implementation of light bulb energy efficiency regulations:

Delay proposal, details (spring 2011):

While welcome news,
light bulb regulations are particularly inappropriate for Canada, for the several reasons listed here, apart from all the general reasons covered on that site, and in this blog.

The further interesting point is how this may or may not affect both local (British Columbia) and American or other jurisdictional legislation, also because of cross-border trade.

Already the Conservatives in British Columbia are promising a delay or cancellation, if they gain power.
More here: CBC article Nov 17, also see Conservative leader John Cummins's policy document release.

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