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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Local BC ban in Canada "On Hold"

Update on the previous Canada Ban Delay post
( http://freedomlightbulb.blogspot.com/2011/11/canada-delay-to-2014-its-official.html )

It seems British Columbia will now delay any further phase-out of incandescent bulbs.

This is according to a recent National Post article by Tamsin McMahon, in reporting on how the local BC Conservatives have decided to rescind the ban altogether, if they gain power.

The article also notes that a B.C. Ministry of Education and Mines spokeswoman said that the proposed ban on 40- and 60-watt bulbs due to take effect next year
(in addition to already banned 100 and 75W bulbs),
is now on hold because of the federal government's decision to delay it's ban on incandescent light bulbs until 2014.

In confirming the information, Tamsin tells me this is indeed so as far as she knows, and it was the media spokesperson for the Dept. of Energy and Mines rather than Education and Mines as in the article
(Education and Mines, an interesting mixed portfolio for a minister - never a day's dull work?!)


Anonymous said...

New Zealand cancelled the ban too.
EU reviewing its ban in 2014.
Sweden having fluorescent bulb crisis.
Maybe some politicians can reach intelligent decision?
Arne Fröberg

Anonymous said...

One day the purveyors of conservation will find out that every time you replace an incandescent bulb with a less hungry CFL or LED, the electric
company plans to raise their rates to maintain the cash flow.

Will you be better off when lighting is cheap but it costs
$5 to put your Turkey in the Oven or to use your electric lawnmower?

One more thing.... CFL bulbs
should be caled Mercury Bulbs..
That would be more truthful.