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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blog Improvements

Since Blogger changed system, a lot of old posts looked strange.
I have fixed and re-edited several of them and added a labelling system.
Also as seen doing some changes to http://ceolas.net which has deeper background information to issues raised in the blog.
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wolfram said...

I like the idea with the labels, but I would like to see them on the right side. Is this possible?

Lighthouse said...

Thanks, I agree that would give a better overview - possible problem in making the blog too wide for easy access on mobile devices etc. but will make comparisons, also perhaps making central area more narrow, smaller text...

Lighthouse said...

Unfortunately their supposed preview does not work so had to perform the actual change, which screwed things up and text sizes etc difficult to edit so will leave it for now... perhaps also a pity to sacrifice both left/right spaces for fixed content but I agree that it makes for easier overview, may return to it.

Lighthouse said...

Am shortly adding nested labelling eg USA:
All (82)
State Bills (22) etc, hopefully in one go without any intermediate mess ;-)