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Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Cartoon incandescent idea bulbs to be banned by the EU"

German Kojote Magazin satirical article about the ban-happy EU seeking to forbid images of the terrible incandescent light bulbs.
The bottom of the page says "this is pure fiction"... perhaps by way of saying that this is not beyond belief of European Commission activity!

With thanks to the German Facebook site  Wir holen uns die Glühbirne zurück.

Translated via Google with some corrections to make it more understandable...

EU will Glühbirnen in Comic-Sprechblasen verbieten
"The EU wants to ban cartoon 'idea' incandescent bulbs"

Under the current ban on sales of incandescent bulbs since September, the European Commission wants to ban the display of bulbs in comic bubbles. This was announced on Wednesday in Brussels.

Cartoonists usually use the image of a flashing light bulb, if they want to highlight a bright idea. This will however soon be over from the EU intention: "After all, manufacture and sale of all incandescent bulbs is forbidden," said a spokesman. "Cartoon heroes would make very poor role models, if their thoughts should cointinue to be illustrated with the outlawed objects." The ban is to apply from January 2013 for all EU-printed or sold comics. "The private ownership of older issues will, however, remain unpunished, if an antiquarian interest can be demonstrated," the spokesman said.

To replace the light bulb icon, the EU has developed the symbol of an energy-saving lamp according to Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC. They have also (helpfully) created a template which cartoonists can download from the EU website.

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