If energy needs to be saved, there are good ways to do it.
                                                               Government product regulation is not one of them

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Light Bulb Hell and Heaven... or vice versa...

Took down the direct view flash program because of background music that could not be stopped, and might be conceived as arising from this blog!

From partnering blog Send Your Light Bulbs to Washington

Why roast in Incandescent Hell when you can go to the Fluorescent Heaven?

See the “Unscrew America” flash movie

Nicely done… pity about “wasting so much energy” doing it!

The supposed switchover benefits in that flash application are repudiated here, with institutional links:
Freedom Light Bulb, the Switchover Deception
The small switchover energy savings are specifically referenced here

Having no doubt had fun with blasting the incandescents,
some more fun finding them in hot hell... until you change the bulb to a beautiful squiggly job, and go to bulb-heaven.... where you can educate yourself about the good deed you have just done.
As mentioned, quite entertainingly put together, if somehow going the wrong way!

Flash application seen directly here - alternatively their homepage unscrewamerica.org has that flash application up front.
Click on the movie and then click on your spacebar for quicker navigation options.


Alan J said...

Seems warm and cosy there with the incandescents

Anonymous said...

Well proof of room heating effect of incandescents (good for some) is that the administration commercial building standards advices against their use with climate conditioning.
Countries like Brazil and Cuba ban them for their heat effect too! Paul

Lighthouse said...

Thanks Paul for reminder about heat effect as on http://ceolas.net/#li6x, given the extensive existing research - and the anomalous political response you mention (air conditioning agenda = "relevant" heat effect, ban the bulb agenda ="irrelevant heat effect"...)