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Sunday, September 23, 2012

"The 100 Watt War"

Following on from the last blog post about the satirical newspaper article
"EU concerned - Iran is working on a light-bulb program"...

As it happens, there was a novel just out before that, July 2012, on a similar theme:
"The 100 Watt War" by American author and business coach Ron Wilder (business blog).

About the book, as descibed on the dedicated website...

Light bulbs against the law? Seriously?

Navy Captain Tom Jackson returns home from fighting Somali pirates on the high seas to discover that by act of Congress, he can’t buy incandescent light bulbs. Incensed, Tom decides to create a light bulb company as a high-risk bet that the bulb prohibition will be overturned.

Unbeknownst to Tom, Al Qaeda has launched a new wave of terrorism in the U.S., with Compact Fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) as their weapon of choice. As the Al Qaeda plot unfolds, Tom finds himself in an increasingly dangerous position, facing a corrupt congressman, a crony corporate executive, and a progressive media star bent on preserving their power at all cost.
After dramatic congressional hearings, Tom is on the run as a fugitive. The story culminates at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, site of the first battle of the Civil War, where once again, conflict threatens to tear the union apart.

As he says in the book itself, as can be read on the Amazon preview at the end, the website has an extensive 40 minute audio interview (listenable via signup).
The site is also going to be developed with an extended conversation with readers about the book and it's underlying free market, anti-ban message, via a specific blog (currently with a come back soon message).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe the real life protesting will only start when people can't find the bulbs in stores anymore.
Seems like most people don't even know there is a ban.