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Monday, September 17, 2012

Rhapsody in Blue

The Greenwashing Lamps Blog is as said before always worth reading, and is well laid out too.

The "red" post was a fitting tribute to the incandescent bulb, given the 1.9.2012 "final" ban on regular incandescent type bulbs (at least until the 2014 review).
Complementing it, as it were, was the "blue" post, taking up the issues around the greater blue light component of replacement fluorescent and LED lighting, in particular the latter, with the much hyped "white LEDs" that are beginning to proliferate.

Worth looking at, complementing this, Peter Stenzel's light bulb comparison page (translation),
and section on blue light effects (translation), both those pages having plenty of illustrations.

Embedded blue light post below, Greenwashing Lamps source link

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