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Sunday, May 20, 2012

A "Twisted" Bulb Idea...

From Send your lightbulbs to Washington blog

Replacements for your regular bulbs?

As seen on the Solovyov design page mentioned in the below article,
more specifically on lighting

From "Helablog, a taste of chaos":

Try wrapping you head around this light bulb. The very cleverly done project by a Belarusian design duo Solovyov Design, is a fluorescent bulb measuring not much bigger than a standard bulb, however, the open form provides a dissipation light that is normally not found in single point light sources.

Aptly called “Insight” the energy efficient bulb is a parody of the classic “light bulb going off above your head” when you get an idea….except this one is a brain bulb.



Anonymous said...

what a future

Hannah said...

a clever design perhaps not very practical
they seem to be into such design,
their lampshade "tangle light" http://www.solovyovdesign.by/en/portfolio/node-1290168462/?group_id=58


Unknown said...

Design of energy saver bulb is very impressive. So i like all models of bulb. led strip light

Lighthouse said...

@marsh jone
Putting up your comment also to agree about LED strip lighting: All lighting has advantages, and basically intrinsic advantages are: Incandescent in BULB form, fluorescent in TUBE form and LED in STRIP-light or SHEET form. Unfortunately the latter two advantages are largely compromised when trying to replace traditional incandescent bulbs. Might post further on this.

Eco LED said...

Interesting lights but I quite like them.