If energy needs to be saved, there are good ways to do it.
                                                               Government product regulation is not one of them

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let there be (less) Light


click on image for big version     image: Nasa Earth Observatory     alternative downloaded image
(Update 2013 autumn: The above image not loading due to current Government/Congress funding shutdown dispute, if not reappear it was one of the usual space ones showing lit up earth continent city clusters, from lighting going skywards)

Publicly owned building and street light choices, locations, directionality, and on-off usage, might be better political policy priorities than worrying about what light bulb Johnny is using in his living room...

Not only are actual overall savings marginal, from targeting personal light bulb choices:
It is arguably ideologically wrong in the first place, based on the concept of what a "waste" of energy actually is:
Excessive lighting use, a waste of energy... personal choice, not a waste of energy.

As with water restriction, electricity restriction is justified if/when shortages occur.
But that still does not justify telling people how they use their electricity, within any such rationing policy.

Any general desire to cut down energy used for electricity,
should focus on electricity generation and grid distribution, in source choice and efficiency, rather than on the odd percent of lighting switchovers.

That does not mean that people can't make good fluorescent (eg kitchen) or LED (spotlight) choices since all lighting types have useful advantages, including simple cheap incandescents over temporarily allowed halogen incandescent alternatives, for general omnidirectional bright

But, of course, waving light bulbs around to show "you are doing something" to save the planet, is a grateful political ploy and a feel-good sacrifice indoctrination at society level, not least towards schoolchildren!


Joe said...

Africa.. the dark continent

Lighthouse said...

Well what puzzles me are the bright lights up north, especially on the northern scandinavian, norwegian fringe.
I know Tromso is a "party town"... but all the same!

Patrick said...

Good point Peter
also Alaska, Siberia.. "northern lights" or moonshining stoves!