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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mock Memorials... Tombstones

See the previous post.
To start with then, tongue-in-cheek memorial activity was included in the otherwise also serious German Light Bulb Ban Memorial 2010 "Das grösste Birnendenkmal Deutschlands", Germany's biggest light bulb memorial, as posted on before (a 2012 follow up was planned, but seemingly not taking place).
As seen it had several components, including "trash" video, people's stories about the bulb, and many amusing images...

source  birnendenkmal.de

"banning the protester against banning the bulb"

perhaps predictably, various tombstone/gravestone images are also appearing...

As it happens, the above is from a good recent September 2012 article "Incandescent ban evokes nanny state" on ECN by technical editor Jason Lomberg, finishing

....An acute manifestation of the nanny state has slipped in the back door.
The incandescent ban cannot and should not be allowed to stand.
Should the federal government facilitate adoption of newer technologies by legislating older ones from existence? Or should consumers have a say in the matter?

Meanwhile, Icelandic lighting designer Kristjan Kristjansson also made imaginative use of the idea, promoting a memorial installation (some photos from which on Facebook)...

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