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Thursday, February 2, 2012

User Testimonials

Send Your Light Bulbs to Washington, February 2 post

The comprehensive website Light Bulb Choice has a new testimonial section.

The debate is often political in nature, but one should not forget the impact these and other society regulations can have on people.
That includes the choice of what lighting to use from comfort and enjoyment aspects, since the smooth broad spectrum light quality of incandescents is not found in CFL or LED lighting, with their more spiky emission spectra, a more "unnatural" light in that regard.
But it also includes the deeper problem for some people, who suffer from light sensitivity conditions, such as some migraine or skin sensitivity disorders, or other electromagnetic radiation sensitivity.
See http://ceolas.net/#li18x onwards.

Politicians are of course sometimes aware of this in talking of how "Joe X" told them this-or-that in how "Washington rules are bothering them" - so such testimonials can be a further reference for them.

in the UK, Savethebulb.org as seen also works with light sensitivity groups such as the Spectrum Alliance. They also have a page with people's stories.

The common retort is that "incandescents are not banned", you can "still buy Halogen incandescent replacements", and the like.

Certainly, the lighting choice reduction is not as drastic as some critics would have it.
However, although in the short term, also from stocking up, the lack of choice will not be so evident, it should be noted that not only will incandescent technology be effectively banned for ordinary lamps by the ever more stringent phase out standards that will come to apply in the USA (after 2014) or the EU (by 2016) in enacted legislation, but the light quality of replacement incandescents is somewhat different too, they run hotter etc, and of course cost much more for marginal savings.
See for example the Freedom Light Bulb "Yes it is a ban" post.

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